On November, the international charity Half Marathon will be held

On November, the international charity Half Marathon will be held

The Samarkand Half Marathon has become an important annual event along with other events held in the Republic aimed at creating an accessible and inclusive environment for people with special needs.

This project demonstrates that with the help of sport we can attract a lot of public attention to the issues of inclusiveness. This year’s charity half marathon touches on a very important issue -the problem of people with autism. The event will address issues of creating an inclusive environment for people with autism and the possibility of their integration into the social and cultural life of our country. The proceeds from the half marathon will be used to create art studio for children in one of the boarding schools in Uzbekistan for children with autism.

The race will be held in a virtual format, with the opportunity to run any distance at the choice of each participant, and also take part in the Nordic walking discipline. Children under 12 can run a Children’s race. This time, cultural events are also included to the half marathon, as the last year.

On the official website of the race, a music program and an educational program will be available for the entire population, not only for the participants, where international experts will hold lectures and master classes on the topic of autism and the proper integration of these people into society.

Due to the events of this year, we will not be able to hold the race in Samarkand, but people around the world will be able to join us and support our charity project. You can register to participate on the half marathon website https://samarkandhalfmarathon.uz/ Подробнее: https://uzbektourism.uz/en/newnews/view?id=1347