The President of Uzbekistan pressed a symbolic button and launched new companies in the Syrdarya region

The President of Uzbekistan pressed a symbolic button and launched new companies in the Syrdarya region

TASHKENT, April 7. /“Dunyo” IA/. Today, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Omon Med Pharm company in the city of Gulistan, reports “Dunyo” IA correspondent.

According to the press service of the Head of state, it produces 2 million 400 thousand packages of pharmaceutical products, mainly from local medicinal plants and raw materials.

Antibiotics produced by the company, preparations in the form of tablets, ampoules and infusions are delivered to hospitals and pharmacies. It is planned to export part of the products to neighboring countries. The company employs about a thousand people.

The Head of state got acquainted with the production process and further plans of the enterprise.

The company is developing in the form of a medical cluster. A polyclinic, a school and a university are being built here.

The President instructed the responsible persons to assist the company in expanding the range and establishing the export of medicines.

Pharmaceutical products manufactured in Syrdarya region were presented here.

The ceremony of launching 6 new companies took place. These are River Med Pharma, Eurasia Gaz Beton, Modern Marble, Peng Sheng Charm in Syrdarya districts, Toshkent City Gold Block in Saykhunabad district and Inter Trading Group in the city of Yangiyer. Their leaders spoke about their capabilities via videoconference.

It was noted that River Med Pharma will produce 42 million units of infusion medicines per year and provide employment for 250 people.

Eurasia Gaz Beton specializes in the production of building materials. 450 thousand cubic meters of aerated concrete will be produced and 100 jobs will be created here according to Dutch technology.

Modern Marble can produce 800 thousand square meters of marble slabs per year.

Peng Sheng Charm can produce 1.5 thousand square meters of natural leather and 468 tons of gelatin per year. Most of this production is planned to be exported.

The projects of Toshkent City Gold Block and Inter Trading Group were implemented entirely through foreign direct investment. The first enterprise is capable of producing 300 thousand cubic meters of gas blocks, the second – 45 thousand tons of flour per year.

In general, these enterprises will create about 600 jobs. Thanks to their activities, the production of the region will increase by 37 billion UZS, exports – by almost $30 million.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev pressed the symbolic button and launched new companies.

The Head of state spoke with media representatives.