The President of Uzbekistan: No force can defeat the people and the state, united by a noble goal

The President of Uzbekistan: No force can defeat the people and the state, united by a noble goal

TASHKENT, March 14. /“Dunyo” IA/. Yesterday, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the military academic lyceum “Yosh Chegarachilar” in the city of Termez, reports “Dunyo” IA correspondent.


According to the press service of the President of Uzbekistan, a new lyceum building was built last year. More than 200 students study social and exact sciences.

Here the Head of state met with members of families of servicemen and employees who died for the sake of protecting the Motherland and the peaceful life of the people. Representatives of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and regions joined the event via videoconference.

The protection of independence and the preservation of peace are always fraught with trials. Many trials have also fallen on a lot of people. There were attempts to destroy our peaceful life, terrorist acts were committed. Our brave warriors, having shown bravery and courage, fought the evil forces. Unfortunately, hundreds of our brave military and law enforcement officers have died in this struggle.

At the meeting, the Head of state called them by name. On behalf of our people, he expressed deep gratitude to the parents who raised courageous warriors, true patriots, as well as to their spouses and children.

“The tongue does not turn to call our sons, who gave their lives for the country, dead. They are always alive for their family, for our Motherland”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

Perpetuating the memory of heroes, providing all possible care and support to their family members are at the center of attention of our state and society. The deceased servicemen were posthumously awarded high orders and medals of the country. A book of memory “The names of courageous sons are immortal” was published in their honor.

Since 2018, by a Presidential Resolution, the procedure for preferential admission of children of fallen servicemen to higher education institutions has been in force on the recommendation. To date, 278 boys and girls have entered universities on this basis.

The Head of state noted that attention and care for the families of servicemen will never weaken. To this end, the Decree of the President “On measures to strengthen social support for family members of servicemen and employees who died in the name of protecting the Motherland and the peaceful life of the people” has been adopted today.

Currently, 270 disabled members of the families of fallen servicemen and law enforcement officers receive a survivor’s pension. According to the decree, the allowance for each family member will be increased by 25 percent. As a result, each family member will receive an average pension of 2 million UZS.

Second, 82 members of the families of the deceased military personnel currently do not have housing. Of these, 21 family members live in rent, 61 live with relatives. From now on, housing in need will be provided in the first place with the possibility of obtaining a preferential mortgage loan. Family members will be allocated up to 1.8 million UZS to pay rent. In addition, the children of the deceased servicemen and employees will go to kindergarten, study at college, technical school and university for free.

Third, the non-taxable income of a family member will be doubled. This will also apply to children. As a result, an average of 700,000 UZS will remain at the disposal of the family of the deceased serviceman (employee) every month.

Fourth, from now on, family members of this category will have the right to free treatment in military hospitals and receive emergency inpatient medical care. Medicines, prosthetics and orthopedic devices will be provided free of charge, the state will cover their expenses for surgical operations. Parents and spouses will be able to annually be treated free of charge in a sanatorium, and children can have a vacation in camps. Parents will be provided with free rail and air travel twice a year.

Fifth, the practice of patronage by paramilitary structures and law enforcement agencies over the families of fallen servicemen and employees will be introduced. At the same time, regional hokimiyats will pay monthly allowances of 400,000 UZS to such families in difficult life situations.

As is known, not a single employee who swore an oath to the Motherland is immune from accidents. From now on, if an employee dies in the line of duty, his family will be paid a lump sum of 150 times his salary. Thus, the amount of the allowance will be increased from 300 million UZS to 500 million UZS on average. The insurance payment in case of death will increase from 25 million to 60 million UZS.

The Head of state noted that the parents who raised such brave people and their children should always be surrounded by care and suggested establishing the El-Yurt Fidoyisi badge. The badge award certificate will be signed by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. The holders of this badge will have all the benefits.

New threats and armed conflicts are emerging in different parts of the world. Such an alarming situation worries our people. Therefore, great importance is attached to the protection of the independence of our country and the peaceful life of our people.

“Combat potential and high spirituality should become two powerful pillars of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan”, the President said.

Last year, the Concept of moral and ethical training and raising military morale was adopted. Children’s and Youth Movement “Vatan Tayanchi” was created. They contribute to the patriotic education of youth.

The Head of state emphasized that the courage of the sons who sacrificed themselves for the sake of the freedom of the Motherland is an example for the younger generation, and works should be created about them.

“No force can defeat the people and the state, united by a noble goal. May the Almighty rest the souls of our heroic sons. Let peace reign in our country, let the life of our people be tranquil”, the President said.

Thereupon, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev completed his visit to Surkhandarya.